How Did Replica IWC Pilot’s Mark 11 Watches Come Out?

As legendary watches presented in the 1940s, the classic IWC Pilot’s Mark 11 copy watches have influenced the look of new Pilot’s watches at present. This year, the brand  released entry-level Pilot’s Mark 11 watches, which have attracted lots of watch collectors.

Black Dials IWC Pilot's Mark 11 Replica Watches

Black Dials IWC Pilot’s Mark 11 Replica Watches

You may think the name of these IWC replica watches is special, then do you know the origin of it? In fact, Mark 11 gets its name from Royal Air Force. At that time, all the equipment of RAF was named “Mark”. In 1941, the Royal Air Force realized that they couldn’t pinpoint an aircraft’s position precisely. A major reason was they didn’t have professional watches for pilots, which could be accurate to the second regardless of magnetic fields and temperature variation in the cockpit.

The IWC had already asserted itself with the Special Pilot’s watch and Big Pilot’s watch, so the RAF cooperated with IWC to design reliable pilot’s fake watches, which were called Mark 11.