1970s UK Luxury Fake Omega De Ville By Andrew Grima Ref. 511.0379 With Box And Papers

Today’s model is a luxury replica Omega. I love New York. I moved to Manhattan a few years ago, and as my friends can attest, you’d be hard-pressed to get me off the island. The first place to welcome me and really make me feel like this could be my home was the Irish bar across the street from my shoebox apartment in Alphabet City. The long, dark wooden bar and dim lights make the place feel welcoming but not also serve as a deterrent to the noisy NYU students touting fake IDs. So for the past couple of years, this bar has served as my living room when I couldn’t be bothered to clean my apartment when I wanted to meet with friends. What all does that have to do with this super groovy 1:1 fake Omega De Ville? Well as soon I laid eyes on the dial through its faceted crystal, I was immediately transported back to my favorite dark bar with its stamped tin ceiling.

Other than my own nostalgia, there’s an even better story here that has nothing to do with me or my local watering hole. This little perfect replica Omega De Ville is part of a collection made by Omega that is heavily inspired by a group of extremely avant-garde watches designed by the high-society jeweler Andrew Grima in the late 1960s/early ’70s.

These best quality fake watches were constructed without any input from best quality fake Omega, and all the jewelry makers were provided with was a disk the same size as the movement to be used in the watches. Once the pieces were completed, they were sent to Swiss made copy Omega to be fitted with working movements.

These AAA quality replica watches were so acclaimed at the time that they were sent on tour around the world and sold privately at these showings. The Grima-designed “About Time” unique pieces proved to be so popular that Swiss movement fake Omega decided to create an entire collection inspired by his work. These new “Time in Style” lineup of pieces came in at a much more approachable price point, allowing Omega to bring some of the signature Grima style to the rest of the world. Check out this funky, nostalgic piece of UK cheap super clone Omega history, right here.

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