Our Favorite Swiss Perfect Perpetual Calendar Replica Watches UK For The 2024 Leap Year

It’s one of my favorite horological(ish) holidays this month, and it only comes around once every four years (give or take). February 29th is leap day! That means that if you’re one of those lucky ones with one of the most grand of complications – the perpetual calendar – it’s time to dust it off, make sure it’s properly set (for once), and get ready to watch it do its thing. Four years ago, we checked in with the staff to see their favorite perpetual calendar replica watches for sale – quantième perpetuel or QP to the French – and now we’re back to doing it again.

Replica Patek Philippe Ref. 3448 Watches

Not long ago, I asked a friendly vintage top UK fake watches dealer how the market was for 3448s – and his reply was “there aren’t too many people outside the Hodinkee office looking for 3448s right now.”

In one way, that made me happy, because it means they’re cheaper than they were not long ago, but at the same time, how could Patek’s first self-winding perpetual NOT be going that well while the 3940 continues to set the world ablaze? To me, the 3448 is a bit like the 2526 – it encapsulates an entire era of both design and movement making for the world’s most important manufacture of haute horlogerie – Patek Philippe. And it’s a good size. And easy to read. And live with – unlike a 2499, 5970, or any other hand-wound perpetual. To me a 3448 is perfect Swiss made copy watches – in platinum, white, or yellow. – Ben Clymer

Fake Audemars Piguet 33MM Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar 25800BC Watches

A 33mm white gold Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar with a yellow dial. She’s so perfect I could stop here.

The 25800 is a rare reference, likely due to its small 33mm size. It’s the only QP in AP’s catalog to house Caliber 2141/2806. Produced in extremely limited numbers, this baby QP is my ultimate pale-blue-wash-baggy-denim-with-cropped-bomber -jacket-and-mini-backpack-90s-nostalgia-ensemble cheap replica watches. I can’t help but picture Cher Horrowitz in Clueless wearing this with her yellow plaid first day of school outfit. Shout-out to Cara Barrett who led me down a 25800 rabbit hole. She has one in yellow gold with a black dial and it’s also perfect.

But I’ll take this white gold, yellow dial configuration please. When I first stumbled across the Sotheby’s listing, my deeply positive feelings towards the yellow dial Rolex OP (I’ve been considering this luxury super clone watches for my personal collection for some time now) were simply quashed. AP now claims yellow dial supremacy on my very long “things I would like to buy but am not quite there yet” list. I’m a die hard (small / medium size) Offshore fan, so my obsession with this particular 25800 makes sense. It’s the most Offshore looking of the regular Royal Oaks, given the punchy color combined with a white metal and slightly thicker size in relation to the smaller diameter. This complicated beauty is for when I’m feeling spiritually inclined to pick edge over polish. – Malaika Crawford

Cartier Pasha Minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar Replica Watches

I’m a bit in the throes of a personal love affair with wholesale replica Cartier‘s Genta-designed Pasha watches as of late, so when called upon to name my favorite perpetual calendar of the moment, this yellow gold Pasha Automatic Minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar was already at the forefront of my mind.

There’s an almost fairy tale-esque quality about the dial, from the typeface to the swirling layout of the different functions within each subdial. Maybe it’s that splash of blue outlining the gold moon phase indicator front and center that reminds me of the book Goodnight Moon on the subconscious plane. This is a very, very positive association for me.

While I won’t be forsaking my affection for the best quality fake Cartier Tank and a Panthère watches anytime soon, there is something magnetic about the Pasha’s unique flavor of boldness that I’m finding myself more and more intrigued by. This is most acutely felt for me when there’s a perpetual calendar and yellow gold involved. This 1989 reference was covered way back in a 2020 edition of Auctions and has an additional minute repeater as the cherry on top. An easily attainable or realistic choice for my wallet, it is not. For now, I will have to make things work with a screen between me and the object of my unwavering affection. – Erin Wilborn

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