UK High Quality Replica IWC GST Chronograph Rattrapante ref. IW3715

This is slowly becoming a list of personal favorites because the perfect fake IWC GST Chronograph Rattrapante is another one of those watches that stood out for me in the early 2000s. In particular, the pink salmon-dial version of the watch looked amazing. And it still does! As I explained in the article about the best replica IWC watches uk from the 1990s, IWC introduced the GST collection in 1997. I already referred to this watch in the article as there is something special about it. The GST name was an abbreviation for Gold, Steel, and Titanium, and top copy IWC produced quite a few different GST models. Included among them was the GST Aquatimer ref. 3536 that I discussed in the article as mentioned above, the GST Automatic Chronograph ref 3707, the GST Perpetual Calendar Chronograph ref. 3756, and the GST Deep One ref. 3527.

For this list, picked the GST Chronograph Rattrapante version, as it is the one I remember best with its salmon dial. The second 1:1 fake IWC that came with a salmon dial was the GST Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, but we’ll get to another, more iconic perpetual calendar from the brand in a bit. The GST line was introduced as a series of sports super clone watches executed in different materials. As the name would suggest, most of the watches in the collection were available in gold, steel, and titanium.

However, the perfect replica IWC Chronograph Rattrapante ref. 3715 introduced in 2001 only came in stainless steel and titanium. The steel version came standard with a white, gray, salmon, or blue dial. The titanium version was available only with a black dial. Additionally, there was a limited edition created for cyclist Jan Ulrich. The cheap copy IWC ref. 3715 was in the collection until 2004, so only three years.

The iconic salmon-dial version
The Swiss made replica IWC features a 43mm case that is a whopping 16.9mm thick. The reason is the modular rattrapante chronograph movement inside that we’ll get to in a minute. The high quality copy IWC with the salmon dial features contrasting blue printing on the dial. Seeing pink in combination with blue is not a rarity at all. But I always prefer black printing on a pink salmon dial for some reason.

Because it is a split-second chronograph, the luxury fake IWC features two central chronograph hands. The main chronograph hand is also dark blue, while the split-second hand stands out perfectly in red. Overall, I love how the colors work together in combination with the incredibly readable dial design with seven different hands. The integrated bracelet creates a very technical-looking tool copy watches online that gets a lot of flair from the dial color alone. It’s that contrast that I love.

The movement inside the case is the automatic caliber 79230 based on the Valjoux 7750. The proprietary rattrapante mechanism was created by Richard Habring, who worked for Swiss movement replica IWC in the 1990s. It was fitted to the modified base movement, making it a relatively thick caliber and therefore increasing the overall height of the watch. The movement operates at 21,600vph, has 29 jewels, and features a 44-hour power reserve. The extra fourth pusher at the 10 o’clock position operates the split-second chronograph hand. Prices for the IWC ref. 3715 fake for sale go from roughly €4K to €8.5K. A salmon-dial version can be yours for around €5.5K.

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