UK Best Quality Replica Patek Philippe Chronograph 5172G

AAA replica Patek Philippe UK graced us with a string of brilliant new releases this year. I was particularly impressed by the 5326G Annual Calendar Travel Time during Watches And Wonders. A close second was the 5172G that I picked for this list. The 5172G is a favorite amongst Patek fans and not without reason. Just look at this stunning chronograph. Swiss fake Patek Philippe introduced the white gold 5172G with a blue dial back in 2019. This year, the brand added a white gold version with a stunning salmon dial. I was greatly impressed by the copy watch when I saw the press pictures.

But as Lex explained in his article about the new 1:1 replica Patek Philippe introductions, they really should be witnessed in real life. Seeing the dial on this version of the 5172G proved that once more. The top copy watch comes with a white gold case that is 41mm in diameter and 11.45mm thick. It features a gilded opaline rose gold dial with contrasting charcoal-gray elements. It’s a color combination that works really well.

Inside the case of Swiss movement replica Patek Philippe, you will find the in-house caliber CH 29-535 PS. This manual-wind chronograph consists of 270 parts and delivers 65 hours of power reserve. At CHF 68,000, it’s a pricy piece, but what you get in return is unbeatable.

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